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Seminar  Date : 22nd July, 2017. (Saturday)

Speaker's Profile

Varun Malhotra

Mr. Varun Malhotra

Director - EIFS (Experience - 16 Years)

Washington University / IIM-A(MBA Finance)

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

CMT (Chartered Market Technician)


For queries : +91-8213054188

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FLAP Registration <br/> (Financial Literacy Awareness Program)

 FLAP Seminar Content

       (Financial Literacy Awareness Program)
  • Basics of the Stock market
  • Introduction to Index Investing
  • Principles of Index Investing
  • The Power of Compound Interest
  • Portfolio Management
  • WHAT to Buy, WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Sell
  • How to Time the Stock market (Buy low, Sell high)
  • Sector Rotation Philosophy (SHORT TERM)
  • 5 Ways to lose money in the Stock Market
  • Q & A

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