What is FLIP?

FLIP is a 32 Hr. extensive Program that has been inspired from both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. It is designed to enable a retail investor to understand concepts ranging from very basic to the advanced, such that they can make sound investment decisions themselves.

We have two modes of conducting the FLIP: Online and Live classroom. Online batches are smaller in number ranging from 3-10 members, while the LIVE classroom batches are a lot bigger. The Online batches are conducted on Weekday evenings ( 2 times/week) while the Live Classroom batch is conducted once a week (Sundays only class).

After enrollment, a member will get access to Mr. Malhotra’s personal Facebook profile/Page and any investment decisions that he makes personally will be intimated through the Facebook group. Along with that, members will also be added to a WHATSAPP group, which can serve as an excellent opportunity to share knowledge. It can also serve as an excellent tool for networking with like minded people.



Should you fail to attend a class on a particular Sunday, fear not, you can attend your missed session in one of the upcoming sunday batch.


After the course finishes ?

Learning never stops, in fact it is only after you have done the course that you will get the opportunity to practically apply it. What’s more is that we encourage that you remain in touch with us as much as possible. Our suggestion is that you meet us at least once a year.

You may use these sessions to get a fresh outlook on your portfolio, to get clarity in making a financial decision or discuss any other issues relating to investments etc.



(Financial Literacy Intensive Program)

  •    PE ratio analysis
  •    Excel based Financial Planning
  •    DOW Theory
  •    How to pick individual stocks
  •    Futures & Options
  •    Investor Psychology & Behavior
  •    Fundamental/Technical Analysis
  •    Reading Charts
  •    Personalized Meetings with Instructor


What is FLAP?

The Financial Literacy Awareness Program (FLAP) is a 2.5-3 Hr Program that is designed in a way such that it caters to the needs of those who have no knowledge of the stock markets as well as those who have been investing/trading in stocks for decades.

Mr. Malhotra begins with Introducing the basics of How to invest in the Stock markets and then moves onto the concept of investing in the ‘Economy’ and how one could have made 260 times his money in the last 35 years since Bombay Stock Exchange launched its benchmark index ‘SENSEX’ in 1980. Using the principles proffered by Warren Buffett, he then answers the three questions every investor has on his mind- WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy, and WHEN to Sell?

Some of the thousands of reviews we’ve received say :

‘It was a Wake up call or rather it gave a sense of another investment option…’ – Puneet (Student)

‘It seems that it can be easier to invest in index to maximize wealth rather than in specific stocks’ – Geetesh ( IOCL)

‘Extremely Practical, very detailed’- Arina (Teacher)

You could also check out our Google+ Reviews by clicking here



Should you fail to attend a class on a particular Sunday, fear not, you can attend your missed session in one of the upcoming sunday batch.


Why is the FLAP free?

We believe we are on a Mission: Financial Literacy to spread the basic knowledge of investing to as many people as possible. People demand of us why we don’t charge for such valuable information? Do we have an ulterior motive? Yes, we do ! We feel great that we can be of such immense value to society. We feel privileged and grateful that we can influence the lives of innumerable Indians and change have a positive impact on their lives and as a consequence change the nation for the better.

We believe that basic financial literacy should be FREE for everybody who is willing to learn. In fact, we aspire to include financial literacy in school curriculum and have already begun talking with concerned Government Officials.

We have conducted FLAP for Fortune 500 companies/Govt. Organizations/Universities/Clubs/RWA’s for FREE and if you wish to arrange a seminar at your Organization/Group/Club you can contact us on : +91-8802108844 (Mr. Sujan Singh) or +91-9873131454 (Mr. Vishwanath Singh).



(Financial Literacy Awareness Program)

  •    Fundamentals of Investing
  •    What / When to Buy
  •    What is Index Investing
  •    Principles of Index Investing
  •    Power of Compound Interest
  •    Sector rotation Philosophy
  •    5 Cardinal sins of Investing